What are the best Blockchain Application Testing Platforms?

Blockchain platforms have become big support in the development of applications that are based on blockchain technology. Earlier, blockchain technology was most commonly used by the financial industry, but now it has emerged as a need for many industries including software development.

blockchain application testing

There are a number of blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, Corder, Hyperledger, etc. helping many teams in the process of developing and hosting blockchain apps. However, to achieve success, it is important to choose the best blockchain application testing platform by following a deep analysis.

The need and demand for Blockchain technology are exponentially getting increased day by day. Initially, the need was foreseen for the financial industry alone, but now it has grown abundantly and various industries preferring its need, including in the field of software development. Since the need is rapidly increasing, it has become essential to have blockchain development platforms.

Blockchain development platforms or the blockchain tools help in creating a public ledger that relies on globally distributed transactions and thus prevents from fraud activities.

There are a number of blockchain application testing platforms that provide the best frameworks for creating applications that can be relied on any kind of transaction.

  1. Ethereum: This is a programming language and a blockchain platform. This helps any developer for building and publishing next-gen decentralized applications.
  2. IBM Blockchain Platform: This is a shared and immutable ledger that helps to record the history of transactions. This helps to provide a new trend of transactional applications for establishing accounting, trust, and transparency.
  3. Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB): This is a fully managed ledger database that helps to provide an immutable, cryptographically transaction log, immutable, transparent, etc. Also, Amazon QLDB helps in tracking each and every change in application data, maintains a successful and verifiable history.
  4. Multichain: This is an open-source blockchain platform that helps enterprises for building and deploying blockchain applications faster.
  5. Xooa: This is a server-less, consortium less ledger on cloud service. With this blockchain tool, it is easier to deploy, test, run, and monitor the blockchain applications of the enterprises.
    The tool is very quick to function, robust, immutable ledger, and distributed with an automated environment, ready-baked connector, GitHub integration, etc.
  6. Kaleido Blockchain Business Cloud: This is the leading award-winning tool and it is exclusively known for having enterprise’s SaaS platform.

    This effectively provides the solution for accelerating the complete blockchain journey, i.e. from PoCs to live production. Also, it comes up along with various technologies that help to build and run modern business networks.
  7. Corda: This is one of the open-source blockchain platforms from R3, which is a consortium of the leading financial institutions in the world.
    Its cutting-edge blockchain platform helps institutions to directly transact with smart contracts by eliminating the cost frictions.
  8. Hyperledger Fabric: This is one of the projects from Hyperledger. It uses a modular architecture to build blockchain-based applications. The hyper ledger fabric framework is developed for enabling identities within a system and to support permissioned networks.
  9. Quorum: This is an open-source blockchain platform that is capable of combining the innovation of the public community of Ethereum along with the advancements that can effectively meet the enterprise’s needs.
  10. NEO: This is an open-source blockchain platform with a community-driven platform. This helps in achieving many benefits of blockchain technology and helps in realizing its effectiveness for the future.

There is no doubt that blockchain technology is effectively increasing and thus there are new blockchain application testing platforms emerging with many added features and frequent releases.

The above-mentioned are a few of the top blockchain testing application platforms, and enterprises are required to choose the best one in order to achieve the best results. In order to achieve the best platform for blockchain testing, leverage blockchain testing services from leading QA testing services provider.

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